3 Reasons Why Used Trucks Are Better Than New Ones

Used Trucks

Old vs. new vehicles – it’s an age-old debate with no fair and square answers ever. Most people would say that purchasing a new car is a better option since it is more reliable, comes with a safe warranty, and has the latest features on the market. On the other hand, old cars, albeit used, come with their string of benefits.

But does this also apply to used trucks? Yes, this debate is relevant in this regard, too.

Well, let’s take a quick look at why a used truck for sale at Cherry Hill is a lot better than investing in a new truck:


Trucks are easily one of the most costly vehicles, costing around $38,361 on average. So, if budget is your primary concern when searching for trucks, choosing a used vehicle over a new one makes sense. A used truck will be much more inexpensive, thanks to the depreciation.

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You can look to buy a used truck that has a mileage of under 100k and has been running for around 10-20 years. If they are in good condition, with little to no wear and tear, there’s no reason why they cannot produce high performance.

Make sure to ask the previous owner how they used the truck. It should still work alright if it weren’t employed for any intense, hard job like plowing or towing.

But if that’s not the case, try to avoid buying the used pickup truck. It will likely have a considerable share of frame wear and engine exhaustion.

Pick a truck that has just been used by one owner for a decent amount of work, and you can easily save big bucks on a good model.

Lower depreciation

The idea of owning a shiny, new truck model might seem fantastic, but you also need to consider the depreciation value that comes with it. Even with the extended warranty or assurance, the truck’s value will fall the minute you hit the gas and drive the first few miles.

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Any new vehicle, truck or not, is subject to sharp depreciation. This depreciation rate is especially very steep and immediate in the first few years of owning the truck.

After a while, the depreciation rate gets steady, but it doesn’t make up for the abrupt falling value of the truck.

The only way to avoid this incident is by buying a used truck since its first owner would have borne the brunt of depreciation by then. When the vehicle is passed to you, it would be onto the steady graph and hold a decent value without a sheer depreciation rate.


The newer models of trucks are often not made with the end goal of offering a durable design. So many of them are crafted with aluminum, which hinders the truck’s integrity. The truck would crumple within seconds if it met a bad accident.

Talking about used trucks for sale at Cherry Hill – their body was thoughtfully made of steel, thus ensuring better strength and durability.

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That provides an excellent incentive for why used trucks are better than new ones.

Buying a used truck for sale at Cherry Hill is ultimately your personal decision. A new one might fancy you more, offer a sense of pride, and catch your eye due to its fascinating features. But, an old, used truck is much cheaper, more durable, and easier on your pocket due to a lack of depreciation value.

So, consider your requirements and zero down on factors that are a deal-breaker for you. Then, make your pick.