Is It Hard To Learn To Ride An Electric Skateboard For Beginners?

Electric Skateboard

If you’re a bit hesitant about hopping on the first time, I’m here for you that it’s not nearly as difficult as it may appear.  If you’ve ever ridden an old-fashioned long board, cruiser, or skateboard, you’ll be well as long as you know the basics.

How do you ride an electric skateboard?

Once you’ve figured out the definition of an electric skateboard and how to use it, how do you go about riding it? If you have previous experience riding a regular skateboard, you’re at the top of the line. There’s no difference between a motorized skateboard or one you push with your feet; however, due to its speed and remote controls, it may require a bit of practice. The process will be more challenging if you’re a brand beginner to the sport. Here’s the best way to learn electric skateboard for beginners:

Put on the appropriate safety equipment

Before you step onto skateboards – whether electric or conventional – you must wear the proper equipment. It comprises a safety helmet compatible with wrist guards, elbow pads, and kneepads. The wrist injury risk is very high during skateboarding because you’re likely to put your hands up to stop yourself when you fall. The head injury can turn out to be extremely grave, so it is essential to wear a helmet that is snug but not too tight that it causes pain. 

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Make sure you’ve checked your trucks and setting

Skateboard trucks are made of two metal parts attached to the deck’s bottom. There’s one in front and another on the back. If you’re new to the sport is a good idea to ensure your trucks are well-built and secure. This will allow you to keep your balance stable and reduce speed and wobbles. 

Choose a skateboard stance

If you’ve been skating before, you likely have an unnatural stance you’re familiar with. A snowboard stance (if you’re snowboarding) can also be used. There are two stances to choose from that you can choose from: regular and silly. Normal is where you set your left foot up towards the nose of the board. 

Get started on your ride

You’re ready to go riding! It is recommended to start your skateboard by kicking it, and then you’d ride a regular skateboard. This isn’t required (you can start the motors using your remote); however, pushing the board with one leg and keeping the other on the board helps you balance.

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Find out how to turn.

How do you turn your head while skateboarding? It may take some time when you’re unfamiliar with it. If you’re not turning, it’s just like turning on a normal board. 

Understanding How to Turn

You should undoubtedly learn how to activate an e-skate. The fun part is that! It functions exactly like turning on a conventional board. The two sorts of turns are heel side and toe side. If you’re in a standard stance, the heel side will turn you left and the toe side will turn you right. Taking a silly posture is the exact opposite. Another useful to master is the kick turn.

You can turn on your heels by bending your knees slightly, putting your weight on the front foot’s heel, and pushing your butt out as you do so. You’ll see that the board is shifting.

Practice Braking crucial

It’s important to brake properly when using an electric skateboard. You can control the brake system with your remote, so don’t be concerned. Lean slightly back to start because as you brake, your weight will move forward.

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Leaning back counteracts that motion. Make sure your front foot is strong and solid while bending your knees just a little. Use your remote to gently slow down before braking. Put your weight on your front or dominant foot and balance only on that leg to brake. As you start to slow down, lightly press your back foot into the ground and then gradually apply more pressure.


Do not be worried if you are on a skateboard that feels awkward initially. In general, the first few sessions may be strange.

Being a skateboarder shouldn’t be difficult once you have mastered the correct foot position posture and the wireless control system. You should wear the right equipment before riding the traditional or electric skateboard.

I hope this post about Is it hard to learn to ride an electric skateboard for beginners? will give you enough inspiration. Be safe!