Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Vehicle’s Gas Mileage

Vehicle’s Gas Mileage

Owning and driving a new vehicle is exciting for most people. Won’t you love to drive a car too? Perhaps you’ve already found cars for sale in Orlando that you’ve been eyeing for months.

But the idea of driving it may not seem tempting when you think about gas reaching record highs. With the gas price in Florida averaging at $3.39, it’s time to mind the choices behind the wheel if you’re planning to own a car.

Regardless of what car you plan to drive, there is always room for improving gas mileage. Wondering how? Read on to learn some fuel-efficiency tips for your future ride.

Improve Your Driving Skills

Don’t put your plan to buy a car on hold; just improve your driving skill to save more fuel. That’s right! Slamming the brakes and accelerator every time you see a red or green light uses more gas. The rule is that the harder you accelerate or apply brakes, the more fuel you waste.

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To avoid this, you should accelerate smoothly and steadily. Keep an eye on the traffic signals and get off the throttle as early as possible. It allows the vehicle to coast to a stop rather than using the brakes hard hastily.

Lighten up the Weight

Most people don’t think about it. But carrying around the extra weight in your car consumes more gas. Additional weight means your vehicle needs to work extra hard to get from one point to another. Obviously, it will take more fuel to do the extra work.

Clean up your ride and take everything out that is useless to remove weight off the car. This simple task will help you organize and create more room in your vehicle. And you’ll save more gas to drive around Orlando.

Maintain Your Car Regularly

Keeping your vehicle and engine in good shape is the key to squeezing more mileage out of your gas. The simple way of achieving it is regular maintenance. So, avoid missing out on servicing appointments when you own a vehicle.

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Regular maintenance ensures that every part of your vehicle, from spark plugs to air and fuel filter, is working smoothly.

Keep the Tires Inflated

You will need to pay more for gas if you don’t keep the tire pressure in check. When you drive around with flat tires, the contact area between the tire and the road increases. It means more friction and requires more fuel to keep the vehicle running.

Always maintain the correct tire pressure to avoid extra gas consumption.

Roll Up Your Windows

Unlike popular belief, keeping your AC off and rolling down the windows hurts gas efficiency. Wind drag is real, and it makes your vehicle use more fuel. The aerodynamics of the vehicle are at play when you drive your car.

But keeping the windows down, even slightly at higher speeds, leads to higher drag. You will save more fuel if you keep the windows up and use AC. However, avoid using AC when the weather is excellent in Orlando.

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Maintaining a car can be heavy on the pockets. With the rising gas prices, the burden is getting heavier in Florida, like everywhere else. So, if you’re planning to get a car and want the most mileage out of a filled tank, use the tips on fuel efficiency.

You can find new and best cars for sale in Orlando. But you only need to be mindful of gas consumption to enjoy the ride to the fullest. So, come on now and get ready to put on the seatbelts!