How to Start Up Your Business on a Budget


If you are starting a new business that cannot be run from your home (which is by far the cheapest option), you are going to have to be savvy about your spending. While there are some areas, such as employee chairs, where you are going to want to purchase new, as these can affect your employee’s health and well-being in the long term, other items can quite happily be purchased in a much more cost-efficient manner.

#1 Purchase Office Furniture Secondhand

Whether you are comfortable with purchasing secondhand furniture or not, it does make good financial sense, especially when you are looking to buy desks, lockers, or meeting tables for your new business. There are different ways you can go about sourcing your new secondhand furniture, and these are to check out online sites, such as eBay, and social media marketplaces or look to local advertising from businesses that are either going into liquidation or are just looking to purchase new items of furniture themselves and are wanting to recoup a bit of money by selling their old used items.

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#2 Rent a Sublet

It is likely, when you first start, that you are not going to be able to afford smart new and large business premises to run your business from, but you can very well give the illusion to any visitors that you are bigger than you are by renting an area of floor space in an already established business which is currently not being used.

There are many benefits to this, such as being in the perfect location or zip code, using their security features rather than having to go through the expense of installing your own, using business premises that are well maintained, and paying less for your rent than you would if you were completely on your own.

#3 Hire Equipment and Source Secondhand Machinery

When it comes to equipment that can be highly expensive, you may want to look into the hiring option. Although this will work out far more expensive in the long term, over the short term, it can get you off your starting block without too much expense. If you hire your equipment to start with, you will soon get a good idea of what is needed to get your business ticking along and what items are more of a luxury and are not being used to their full potential.

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As and when you can afford it, or have the true knowledge of what you need, you can always source the equipment or machinery on the secondhand market, paying close attention to the refurbished items. Once you have purchased them, you are going to have to get them to your site by using some heavy equipment transport, but this may not be as much of an issue as you first feel it could be, as companies like Shiply can help move large and heavy items.

Final Thoughts

When you are starting a business, there are areas where you will be able to save money without affecting the quality of the service or the product that you offer to your customers. This is in areas such as furniture, business premises, and of course, shrewd equipment and machinery hire.