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NextGen EHR Software -Remote Services Wizard

Great things are linked with great products and people. These days the most impeccable service offered by EHR solutions is virtual care. Most EHR solutions incorporate these services in their patient care modules, but the quality varies significantly. Virtual care service is just like a bridge to connect physicians with patients turning down all geo-location barriers. All one needs is a sturdy Wi-Fi connection to avail this out of the world care service.

NextGen EHR and Netsmart are two intuitive platforms that stand first in the race of remote services. The telehealth services of both these solutions are quite impressive, but people prefer NextGen over Netsmart software. In this guide, we will explore the “why” part. You may be pondering over the fact why medical professionals opt for NextGen if Netsmart EMR is also a phenomenal remote care solution.

So, don’t fry your brain over this and dive into this NextGen EHR software guide. To begin with, we will share a prompt overview of NextGen and Netsmart. It is because we will compare both moving forwards in this guide to better understand the excellence of the former software.

NextGen EHR:

NextGen EHR is the heartbeat of the healthcare industry. Ruling over all the doubts and ambiguities of care professionals, it holds an unprecedented position on the market. It is a powerful IT care solution making all possible efforts to transform ambulatory care services from the ground up. However, going paperless is just the start of modernization. The vendor enables practitioners to deliver best-in-class virtual care services so the physicians can deliver care without any hindrance.

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NetSmart EHR Software:

NetSmart is a compact EHR solution that has reached the heights of smartness and innovation. The vendor works to nurture smooth clinical workflows by assisting medical practitioners at every step of delivering care. The providers get to offer optimized care services and thus have reached the heights of glory in the EHR industry. The telehealth services of Netsmart are lit, and that’s one of the reasons the solution stands out in the crowd.

NextGen vs NetSmart Telehealth Comparison

The telehealth visits of NextGen EHR are awe-inspiring. The vendor coordinates care to add value to remote interactions and expand care services. The vendor allows for group visits and guest visits. Besides that, there are telehealth toolkits for marketing that allows for engaging virtual visits. Here’s the catch, clients have shared in the reviews that NextGen EHR offers a telehealth demo video.

The guest visits service enables practitioners to invite guests, which is a logistically doable service. It serves as a game changer empowering physicians with an exceptional feature range. The telehealth service is compatible with Android and iPad services. NextGen EHR is termed as a virtual bridge for connecting patients with physicians.

As for Netsmart, it runs on an extensive telehealth interface. The difference between Netsmart EHR and NextGen EHR software is that the former comes with designated virtual health care specialists to assist medical providers. The telehealth service of NetSmart engages patients by enabling them to set appointments as they deem fit. The real-time video conferencing ability of Netsmart EMR cuts down administrative and other clinical costs to improve revenue.

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Both NetSmart and NextGen EMR leverages tech-intensive services for on-demand care providers. NextGen seems like a more convenient and upgraded option for remote services as it features group video consultations. The telehealth service of NetSmart and NextGen increases care outcomes by enhancing communication.

What Makes NextGen EHR Special?

The added services and functionalities of NextGen EHR are what make it special. No medical provider wants to make an investment in segmented solutions. They always root for comprehensive solutions that excel in all areas of care. In this context, NextGen EHR is a golden star. Even the reviews show that NextGen EHR is of great significance for a broad range of medical practices regardless of their specialty.

It is presented in the reviews that NextGen holds supremacy over its competitors because of its intuitive interface. The best part is the NextGen EHR system explores the scope of medical practices and sets the course of action for individualized practices to set them into action. Adding to it, the NextGen EHR system enhances care with PM and EHR integration.

The vendor offers best-in-class care facilities being a resourceful healthcare platform. Not only does it ace the telehealth aspect but all others too. The billing, data sharing, record filing, claims management, and even task management services of NextGen EHR software are a pro. It is also mentioned in the reviews of NextGen EHR that it provides thorough training services to get medical professionals on board.

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NextGen vs Netsmart Pricing:

Well before summing up this detailed telehealth solutions guide, physicians need

Besides that, the tech-intensive nature of this client-centered solution adds value to its worth. It is also stated in the reviews that NextGen is a cost-effective EHR software. As for Netsmart, it is also affordable, but NextGen EHR scores the ground for cost affordability. One of the most important reasons for that is that NextGen offers two different EHR modules with varying feature sets and cost ranges for small and large practices. This effort to meet the budget range of practices goes in the best interest of this state-of-the-art solution. 

Now for NetSmart, the pricing details of this software are not listed publicly. Although that’s the same case for the NextGen EHR system, as its price details are not made public, it is shared that there are two separate EHR modules. Even such minor details of NetSmart are not disclosed. But you can request them by contacting the sales team of Netsmart software. In the client’s opinion, the Netsmart EMR is neither too cheap nor too expensive. That’s why practitioners can rely on this platform, and so can you.

Know that the NextGen EHR system is a better-priced option, leading to smooth clinical transitions. In addition, practices can go remote by implementing both NetSmart software and NextGen EHR software. But when it comes to the high-demand virtual care services, NextGen is unbeatable. Even Netsmart can’t beat it as it lacks group consultation service, and that is why NextGen is the wizard of remote care services.

posted by V.P.singh