5 Tips for More successful Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are a great way to get your products and services in front of an audience. There are many ways to successfully increase engagement for your product. Influencers can be a great way to gain a wider reach on Instagram.

If you’re selling different things on Instagram, then it can be hard to know how to sell more effectively. We’ve gathered some tips on how to use Instagram ads and get the most out of them:

Tip 1: Use the best image and video content

When you’re creating Instagram ads, it’s important to have a clear focus on your target audience. The first thing to consider is that your ad needs to be relevant to them. If someone has already clicked on the same stuff from another page in their feed, then they probably aren’t interested in more stuff from your brand. 

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In other words: Keep it simple! When choosing an image or video for an Instagram ad, think about what type of person might see this post next time they scroll down through their feed. Make sure they remember these ads even when there are no ads next time around. Using great images and videos will definitely increase engagement of the audience.

Tip2: Write the best copy for your ads.

When you’re writing your Instagram ads, you need to think about what the best call to action is. It’s important because this will determine how many people click on your ad and how much money they spend.

Remember that it’s not just about making sales; it’s also about getting leads for future sales opportunities. So make sure that whatever CTA you choose is relevant for both sides of the equation—the person who sees their favorite brand advertised on Instagram and then makes a purchase from there, versus someone else who sees those same brands being advertised somewhere else (like Facebook). If possible, try different variations of each CTA until one stands out as the best fit!

Tip 3: Tap into Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram stories and reels can be a great view to advertise. They can help promote a product more engagingly. This is a great way to make your audience connect with your brand and purchase your products.

The first step is to create a story and link it to your website. Make sure to use the same theme as your Instagram account, and use hashtags to increase reach. If you’re creating an ad that is exclusively to promote yourself or another business, use video to get more views and engagement on Instagram Stories. Consider using the same image as your Instagram Story too!

Tip 4: Connect with influencers to launch your Instagram ads

Instagram ads are a great way to get your product in front of new people, and influencers are the perfect tool for this. They help you gain wider reach on Instagram.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to launch new products on social media. For example, if you’re launching a new product that can only be purchased by women who wear size 6 or smaller in heels, then an influencer who has a large following among these women would be ideal for getting buzz surrounding your product and helping drive sales.

The second reason why you should use influencers as part of your campaign strategy is that they have strong followings on Instagram—influencers with more than 100k followers tend to have around 2 million followers each (if not more). This means there is potentially huge potential for reaching an audience that otherwise wouldn’t have come across your profile or brand at all!

Tip 5: Use the right call to action on your ad.

This tip is directly connected to Tip 2. These two tips are great if used together. They are also the two most necessary tips to create successful Instagram ads. The final tip on this list is that you should always use the right call of action for your ad.

A clear and concise call to action is essential, as it will help you increase conversion rates and make sure your customers aren’t leaving without clicking through. If you’re selling a product or service, try using something like “Buy Now.” For an event like a festival or concert ticket sale, use something like “Tickets Available” or “Tickets On Sale.”


The key to any successful campaign is by following the steps above. However, it’s important to remember that Instagram ads are only one part of your marketing strategy; if you want more success on social media, then focus on creating content that people want to engage with and share