8 Types of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising is the fastest way to promote your business on the internet. Whenever you search for something on Google, you see ads appearing in front. Now those ads are PPC Ads or Pay Per Click Ads.

In the beginning, Google introduced these ads, and there was a single type. But now, several other companies are offering paid ads, including Facebook, Twitter, and Bing.

How This Pay-Per-Click Advertising Works?

As I said, PPC is the fastest way to get recognized on the internet. Its working is simple.

A publisher who wants to promote his product creates his account on any advertising platform like Google Adwords.

After creating an account on Google Adwords, he establishes an AD COPY in which he briefs about his product or service.

After filling in all the necessary information, he sets a bid of per day spend. Let’s say he places a bid of $5 per day. When that $5 spent is completed, Google Adwords will pause the AD COPY.

After all this process, you have to track the clicks you got and how many visitors landed on your website’s page. You can track the sales and conversions you got from those visitors. If you are earning profit from those ADS, then continue, or else you should change the AD COPY and test a new one.

PPC AD Types

8 types of PPC ADS are famous, and every digital marketer uses these:

  1. Search ADS
  2. Social ADS
  3. Display ADS
  4. Remarketing ADS
  5. Google Shopping
  6. Gmail Sponsored Promotions
  7. Instream ADS [ADS By YouTube]
  8. Local Service ADS

These are the 8 best AD formats that people use. You can master these ads to promote your business online. Before running any AD, make sure to learn the process.

After you’ve learned the complete process of these ads, start running them to promote your business. So that was a little introduction about PPC Advertising or Pay-Per-Click Advertising. If you have any questions related to PPC Advertising, let us know in our website’s comments section.

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Social Media Marketing [SMM]

I’ve mentioned that 3.6 billion people are active on social networks, and I’ve seen digital marketers benefiting from this. Then why are you waiting if other digital marketers are benefiting from this?

Promoting your online business on social media platforms is known as Social Media Marketing or SMM.

On Search Engines, the pattern is different, but on Social Media, you’ve to take precautions before running any AD.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Running ADS on Social Media Networks?

People who don’t know how to run ADS on social media must keep these things in mind.

Analyze The Market

Analyzing is the first step in every field. Before running your ADS:

  1. Analyze the market.
  2. See the comments and feedback given by people.
  3. If you see any AD related to T-Shirts, open the comments section and see what words are written by users.
  4. How people are engaging with the advertiser

After analyzing all these things, decide what works best. Then try to run the AD. If you do not take these precautions, you will waste money.

Write Fantastic AD Copies

On Google and Bing Search Results, people get attracted by titles, but on Social Media, you need to upload eye-catchy images to gain attention. So don’t invest your time in creating headlines. You should invest your time in creating eye-catchy images.

Whenever a user is scrolling down on social media networks, if he sees an eye-catchy image in front of his eyes, he will stop and see what is that?

Then he will read the title, description, and AD format. So the critical factor to get recognized on social media is the eye-catchy image. Make sure to upload eye-catchy images on your AD copy.

Respond To Comments

After running ADS, you receive likes and comments on that page. In the comments section, you must answer the questions that the viewers ask. When you engage with users, you’ll get more exposure.

Next time, the customer will land on your page because he knows that his problem is answered. If he likes your service, he will buy it for sure.

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So that’s what this Social Media Marketing or SMM is. If you want to promote your business through social media marketing, follow these terms to be successful.

Search Engine Marketing [SEM]

After Social Media Marketing, now comes another thing that is Search Engine Marketing. Maybe this looks weird, but it’s the best way to promote your business online.

Search Engine Marketing is just like pay-per-click advertising. But on PPC Advertising, you explore other websites, but in SEM, you only target search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

SEM is the strategy to promote your business on search engines. This is the best way to earn money because search engine users convert a lot compared to other mediums. Search Engine user’s conversion ratio is higher, and that’s my personal experience.

Most people buy a simple domain name to promote different offers, but with Search Engine Marketing, you can upgrade your actual website. I’ve seen many people who purchase domains for a limited time. After purchasing, they test offers, and if that offer is converting, then continue, or else they leave that domain.

With SEM, you can promote your branded website without any problem. The traffic you receive through SEM is convertible, and it helps improve your rankings when users are spending more time.

For SEO rankers, this Search Engine Marketing is the best thing because you can run your website and promote it simultaneously. Two things are being announced at one time, so that helps a lot.

To perform well in Search Engine Marketing, you need to do proper keyword research. After finding good keywords, you can add those keywords to your list.

Track the keywords and if they are converting well, then carry on. Or else you can remove that keyword from your list to save money.

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

Finally, the last thing that is the most popular in the digital marketing industry is SEO [Search Engine Optimization]. I am involved in this SEO field for over six years.

I have a vast knowledge of SEO. I’ve ranked dozens of keywords. SEO is time taking, but a free method of digital marketing. You don’t have to invest money to be a part of SEO.

There are tons of websites which I owned, and my recent project is Atoz Apk, this website is useful for downloading apps free of cost.

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SEO has two types, On-Page SEO and OFF Page SEO. The activities you perform on your website are called On-Page SEO. The actions you act outside your website are called OFF Page SEO.

Before purchasing a website, you need to do proper keyword research. In SEO, keyword research is the first essential aspect. If you don’t have keyword research knowledge, you will face difficulties in the SEO field.

Keyword research has several types, and these are:

  1. Short Tail Keywords – Weight Loss
  2. Long-Tail Keywords – 8 Ways To Speed Your Laptop
  3. Branded Keywords – Nike Running Shoes
  4. Seasonal Keywords – New Year Wishes
  5. Informational Keywords – Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000
  6. Commercial Keywords – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3080 Review
  7. Transactional Keywords – Best Deals on TEKKEN 7 Game

These are some types of keywords that are used in various industries. There are several other types, but I’ve mentioned the famous ones. You must have a good knowledge of keyword research to survive in any industry.

There are several keyword research tools that you can use. But according to my personal experience, AHREFS has the best keyword research tool that you can use. SEM Rush is also good, but it cannot compete with AHREFS.

After finding keywords, you need to purchase the domain and post articles on it. To publish articles, you need to learn On-Page SEO because while doing On-Page SEO, you’ve to keep numerous things in mind. You need to insert proper keywords in the title, in the middle of articles, and meta descriptions.

To learn in-depth On-Page SEO, you must visit Backlinko. Backlinko’s founder is Brian Dean. He has written outstanding articles on On-Page SEO, so don’t forget to visit his website.

After On-Page SEO, you’ve to market your website, and that is called the OFF Page SEO. OFF Page SEO is vital because if you don’t know OFF Page SEO, you’ll not promote your content.

You’ve to promote your content by sharing your posts on social media and getting backlinks. There are several ways to promote your content, but I’ve mentioned the famous ones.