This is quite an important blog because in this blog we will talk about how to design the back of a book cover, and more importantly why the back of a book cover is important.

The anatomy of a book cover is quite complex because certain parameters need to be maintained.  Be it the front cover design on the back cover design.

There must be certain elements that need to be maintained so that it is appealing to the readers.

Before we move forward with those important things, let us understand why the back of a book covered is important.


You might think that the front cover of a book is the most important element and you won’t be wrong but that does not mean the back cover does not hold any importance.

Simply speaking, the front of the book is the main element that compels a reader to pick up the book, however, the back cover is what compels the reader to actually purchase the book.

The back of a book cover contains everything that the front cannot contain. 

Think of it in the sense of an interview, the front is the appearance of a candidate, while the back is the actual CV of the candidate.

There are even instances where it has been found that serious readers do not even look at the book’s front cover. They pick up any book and straight away look at the back cover.

So, in a way, the book’s back cover might just be more important.

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This is one of the most common elements that are followed throughout the book publishing industry and that is to have a regular-sized author photo along with an author’s bio.  

Modern book designers never skip this step and this is even included in digital book covers in a serious and professional font.  

This is important in the traditional publishing context but even more so important in the self-publishing context because any self-published new author always desires their name to be synonyms in the industry and this is a simple way to do it.

However, one of the most important things that must be kept in mind is that this is not a full resume of the author and therefore this should be kept as brief as possible.


While the back cover author bio is important, it should be brief simply because there should be enough space for the book description.

You must always see to it that a typographical specialist approves the about section because it should be in a distinct typeface.

The potential reader is turning around the book to read the book description and therefore the book description should be written in a larger font and must be the principal area of focus.

Although you must remember to never give out any spoilers or reveal too much about the book.

The book description should be a hook and nothing more because it will attract the reader to read the first line of the first page.


While this is not a traditional approach, this is usually added in modern book cover designs.

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There are often quotes from famous publishers as well as eminent people in the literary community as well as eminent critics.

There can also be quotes from other authors as well as from newspapers and other prominent online digital blogs and other establishments.

This is simply to legitimise the book and show the reader that this book is worth the time.


A tagline is also something quite new but it is also something that is quite important nowadays.

Your book will benefit from a tagline because it will be something shorter than the book description and it will be in text that is a little bit bigger so that any reader can take a glance at the back and read the tagline.

Only after the reader has read that tagline will they be able to read the book description and that is why a tagline is an assured way of grabbing the attention of the reader.


If you pick up any guide on how to build a book back cover, you’ll find that there are certain important information that you cannot skip.

We are of course talking about the ISBN number as well as the book printer and publisher’s logo.

The ISBN number is a simple but one of the most effective ways to identify a book internationally and it has been in practice for years now and it is something mandatory in today’s day and age.

There must also be information about the pricing of the book and other important business-related details and contact numbers of the publishers.

You can also add website links of the publisher as well as the author.

These were a few important elements that you must always keep in mind if you are thinking about how to design the back cover of a book.

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There are also a few important things you must keep in mind and one of the most important things is that you must always try to keep the back cover design as simple as possible.

Simplicity is the key here and if you stuff too much information then the reader can get a negative impression that the book is being two desperate.

The reader might even get overwhelmed.

You must therefore keep it simple and include these elements.

You must also make sure that a standard layout is followed.  You can of course try something new but readers usually prefer designs that are generally accepted throughout the industry.

For example, they know that the author’s picture, as well as the author’s bio, is situated on the inner side of the book’s back cover and if you maintain that it will be easier for the reader.

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