If you are a modern-day author then you have to practice a lot of tactics to promote your writing on social media.

However, there isn’t a guide to social media for writers that will teach you the ends and outs of social media.

There are a lot of things that you must do for promoting your writing and you literally require a social media campaign and different levels of engagement to make it on social media.

The writing process of this campaign is what matters the most.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can promote your writing on social media channels and be a household social media posting name in the world of literature.



There are two approaches to the platform selection process and one of the processes is quite different from the other.

One process is simply to be available on multiple social media platforms and that might include the most popular ones to the ones that are not popular.

This will have another benefit and that is it will generate backlinks for your name and works which will ultimately help boost your work.

 The second process is quite different and it involves selecting some of the only popular social media platforms.

These might include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You might even include YouTube due to its popularity of short videos.

After you have selected your platform, you need to understand that you must put in hours’ worth of effort so that your social media posts are not only engaging but regular.


Before we begin let us talk about a misconception.  

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Since we are dealing with authors who are experts in writing long paragraphs and detailed descriptions and are excellent storytellers, they get something wrong about social media posting.

Posting on social media is different from posting on any other place.

But there are similarities to writing a story or novel.

The most important thing you must to do in order to be unique in social media is to visualise your approach because social media is a visual medium.

It is not just about eye-catching images or engaging headlines because there is much more to it.

You need to pick a style which you are comfortable with and this style must not only be unique but you must be able to create a lot of content on this.

Perhaps you like giving out spoilers of one of your novels and so every week you can create a post that will act like a spoiler.

You might want to teach people about writing a novel therefore every week or maybe three times a week you can put out a short video on social media about that.

You need to stand out from the crowd in order to be noticed on social media.


Although everything is not about headlines but headlines do hold significant importance in social media.

We are not just talking about the description of images because we are in 2022 and we are far ahead of it.

We are of course talking about that text within the images and videos.

You will have to think like a TikToker in order to do this because you will simply need to play with clickbait.

” 10 things that make a novel”

“3 things writers avoid”

“4 ways to create a real character”

“I’ll make you a writer in 20 seconds”

These are a few examples that should help you understand what kind of engaging titles and headlines we are talking about.

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If you are on social media then you must have seen two types of videos, one where an electronic voice is used to read whatever is there on the screen.

The other is where the person themselves are there as the host in the video.

If you follow statistics or even if you simply do research you will find that people who show up in their videos and show their faces automatically get more views.

We are a simple species and we like to see the other human whenever they are trying to show and teach something.

That is exactly why you must be visible to your audience as much as possible.  No matter whether you are releasing your book or updating your fans on why you like a certain coffee shop.

There is also an added benefit that the more your face is visible the more people subconsciously get used to you and when someone is used to you there will also engage in your content.


This is something that you must understand because each social media platform might seem similar but there is a lot of difference between them.

For example, Instagram originally begin as a website for sharing images but reels are the biggest deal on Instagram now.

Therefore, if you want to be popular on Instagram then you must focus your time and effort on making short videos rather than posting simple images.

For example, if you are on Twitter then you must understand Twitter works on engagement and that can be in the form of commenting and retweeting.

Therefore, you must read and hope for the maximum reach of your content.

Likewise, we would suggest you do platform-specific research in order to understand statistically what are the things that work on certain platforms and you must do content according to that.

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In the early days of social media when there were fewer people, you could post anytime you wanted and the people who subscribed to you would be able to see it.

This is not the case now because every regular social media user follows hundreds if not thousands of creators.

Therefore, there are only two ways to be seen. One of the ways is quite simple.

You simply need to post a lot and that will ensure that your subscribers and viewers always come across a post because the more you post the higher the probability is of being visible.

The second way will work with multiple posting and it will actually improve your chances.

There are certain times of the day when certain social media platforms see the most traffic and there are even certain time brackets when that social media platforms suggest new content.

There is excellent research online to help you find this out because it is different for each country but if you regularly post your content during these time brackets then you will have a higher chance of visibility.

These were a few of the most important things you must keep in mind on how to promote your writing on social media. 

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