Types Of Jaw Surgeries; Which One Should Be Your Go-To?

Jaw Surgeries

Anyone who wants to completely alter their face and give themselves the youthful face they have always seen on high-profile models should get jaw surgery. A sleek and defined V-shaped jaw gives you that uplifted, upright look that gives you a whole new look. Unfortunately, not all of us are naturally blessed with a sleek or pointed jaw. For people like us, there are surgical and non-surgical options to get that perfect jawline. Non-surgical options are much more viable and show much better results very quickly in comparison to the other non-surgical options. 

Jawline surgery ororthognathic surgery has become very common ever since high-profile influencers, models, celebrities and personalities have undergone these procedures. A jawline surgery is a procedure in which your upper jaw or maxilla is aligned with the lower jaw or mandible. People often undergo this surgery for aesthetic purposes however, it is not uncommon for patients that have been in an accident to undergo this surgery. This surgery also improves your jaw health and activity such as chewing.

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What Types Of Jawline Altering Surgeries Do People Often Opt For?

There are several types of jawline contouring surgeries you can go through for that perfect Ken doll-like jaw. If you are opting for a jaw surgery, you need to consider jawline contouring at Injxu Cosmetics. Let us discuss some most popular ones and you decide which one you need.

Facelift Or Neck Lift

This is the most common type of jawline surgery that you usually see models and influencers undergo. In this surgery, your lower face and neck tissues are tightened to create that perfect well-defined jaw. This is the best type of surgery for people who have loose tissues or skin in their neck or chin area. It is a well-effective procedure that lasts for several years, unlike lip fillers or other cosmetic procedures. 

Genie plasticity or Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is a very common surgery in the present day. People with a weak jaw usually opt for this surgery as it enhances and strengthens your chin and makes it much more appealing as well. This sleek surgery leaves nearly no visible marks on the jaw when implanted with bio-compatible silicon. When implanted in the chin, it looks very natural and gives your face that uplift while strengthening your jaw at the same time. It’s a win-win!    

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Neck Liposuction

For people with excess fat under their chin, neck liposuction is the way to go. Usually, a double chin often makes a person very insecure as it completely alters the whole outlook of a person. Non-surgical options to get rid of a double chin might take a long time and frankly, not all of us are that patient. Hence, neck liposuction is the best way to get rid of this double chin quickly. Neck liposuction paired with other jawline surgical options makes you get rid of your double chin and gives you a tighter and more defined jaw.  Hence neck liposuction is a very popular procedure.