5 Reasons To Get Your Kids Hooked on Gluten Free Pizza

Pizza is the perfect food for practically any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a major accomplishment, throwing a party, or indulging after a rough day, you can count on the cheesy comfort that a slice of pizza pie provides. If you have digestive sensitivities, though — or if you’re simply health-conscious — you might struggle to find food that’s compatible with your diet. Luckily, gluten free pizza can satisfy your cravings and meet your dietary requirements, too. Learn why it’s the ideal food for kids and adults alike.

1. Packed With Antioxidants

Antioxidants are incredibly powerful in the fight against aging and illness. You might not think of pizza as a healthy selection, but when you opt for a gluten free crust, your kids can enjoy an antioxidant-rich meal. This can help to prevent damage to cells within the body. Antioxidants accomplish this by protecting cells from free radicals that can cause heart disease, cancer, and an array of other ailments.

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2. Be Fair to Your Gluten Free Friends

Nothing is worse than feeling excluded. Kids are especially sensitive to this, and if you’re hosting a party, you need to ensure that everybody feels welcome — including kids who may have dietary restrictions. When you order pizza ahead and choose a gluten free crust, you can be confident that every attendee at the party will be happy. It’s important to be fair to your gluten free guests even if the rest of the partygoers don’t have a gluten sensitivity.

3. Enjoy Great Taste

Many people mistakenly believe that gluten free pizza is somehow less delicious than its standard counterpart. On the contrary, many kids are unable to taste the difference between the two. Gluten free crust is just as delectable as original crust selections, thanks to its fresh ingredients and proprietary recipe. Enjoy the incredible flavor of a thin crust, crisped to perfection, and made with ingredients such as quinoa flour and cage-free egg whites.

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4. Avoid Digestive Upset

Regardless of whether you have a gluten allergy, you can benefit from pizza that’s made with a fresh formula. When Rob Lynch took over as CEO, he introduced a new philosophy focused on providing customers with menu selections to fit their lifestyles. For health-conscious consumers and those with Celiac disease, gluten free selections are vital to avoiding digestive upset and other health issues. Kids who have sensitive digestion can enjoy gluten free pizza without worrying about a stomachache afterward.

5. Perfectly Personalized Pizza

Gluten free crust is just the beginning of your perfect pizza. Enjoy toppings that include seven different vegetables, 11 options for meat, and a unique variety of cheeses to choose from. In addition to this impressive variety, you can always expect incredible quality. All ingredients come from vetted, reputable providers, and dough is never frozen. This means you can be confident in the quality of the food you feed your kid — even if they have a gluten sensitivity. Order a fresh pizza today and enjoy the gluten free goodness.

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