E Shram Card Registration & Login | E Shramik card Download PDF

E Shram Card

The Government of India has launched an online portal e shram card, which is a registration portal for unorganized sector workers. The main objective of this portal is to provide social security benefits to the unorganized sector workers. This will help them in getting health insurance, old age pension, disability pension, and other benefits. The portal will also provide a platform for the unorganized sector workers to register themselves and their family members.

The government of India has decided to give every citizen who is working in the unorganized sector a unique identity number. This will help the government keep track of these workers and their contributions to the economy. The workers will also be able to use this number to access social security benefits and other government services. This is a major step forward for these workers, who have often been invisible and neglected in the past.

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Who can apply:

There are many people who are interested in applying for the E Shram card. This card is available to anyone who is interested and eligible to apply. The process to apply is quite simple and can be done online.

To be eligible to apply for the E Shram card, you must be a resident of India. You will also need to have a valid ID proof and a recent passport sized photograph. Once you have these documents, you can begin the online application process.

The online application process is straightforward and should only take a few minutes to complete. You will need to provide some personal information, as well as your contact details. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email.

Official Website and benefits:

The official website for E Shram Card Registration & Login is registration.eshram.gov.in. There are many benefits to having an E Shram Card, including receiving a 1000 Rupees benefit. With an E Shram Card, you can easily register for and login to the website, as well as download a PDF of the card.

Eligibility to Apply For E Shram Card:

  1. Citizens of India who are 18 years of age or older and employed in the unorganized sector are eligible to apply for an E shram card.
  2. Applicants should not be taxpayers (earning more than the threshold limit set by the government) in order to be eligible for the card.
  3. The E shram card will entitle the holder to a range of benefits, including access to social security schemes and insurance coverage.
  4. Holders of the card will also be entitled to certain discounts on goods and services.
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What are the documents needed:

Aadhar card, active mobile number and occupation certificate (if applicable) are needed to apply for the e shram card. The applicant should also have a bank account and bank passbook. The process of registration is simple and can be done online or offline. After the application is complete, the user will receive an SMS with a link to complete the registration process.

What are the benefits of e shram card:

The citizens who have registered online on the E shram portal are entitled to the following benefits:

1. They will not have to pay any premium for one year.

2. They will get financial support from the government.

3. They will be given priority for jobs under the social security scheme.

What is the process to apply for e shram card:

By following below steps you can apply for e shram card:-

1. Go to the Official website of Eshram i.e. eshram.gov.in On the homepage, click on the Register for an Eshram card.

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2. Now you’ll observe that you’ll have the option to register with CSC or self-register.

3. here you need to go for self-register

4. Enter your phone number and OTP that has been received on your mobile device.

5. Enter your Aadhaar Card number and the OTP that has been delivered to your registered mobile number.

6. Now in this step you need to update your personal details like bank details, Occupation details.

7. Finally you can submit your application and Download the e-shram Card PDF

How to contact e-shram Card officials:

The official website for this is https://eshram.gov.in/

You can also connect via Support Helpline: Helpline Number:14434 

Here is toll-free:1800 -1374 -150 (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday to Saturday) for connecting with them in case of any issues or question.

and one more option to connect is official email ID – Email:eSHRAM-care@gov.in