ReadiVet Offers Low-Cost Veterinary Care at Work Sites


As the name indicates, ReadiVet In Home Vet Dallas offers low-cost, quality care. The company also offers services at work sites. Founded by a veterinarian and CEO, ReadiVet has a full-service clinic and offers workplace services. Clients can schedule appointments online, by phone, or in person. Clients can even set appointments after business hours, which can save them time and avoid the stress of missing an appointment.

ReadiVet has a full-service clinic

There are many benefits to choosing a full-service clinic for your pet. First of all, ReadiVet has convenient locations in Collin County, just north of Downtown Dallas. Their clinics feature six veterinarians, which make them an excellent choice for your pet’s care. You can find a location near you by checking out their website. You can also view reviews from current customers. ReadiVet is a good choice if you live in or near the Collin County area, as they are currently hiring veterinarians to expand their service area.

The ReadiVet mobile veterinary service has grown rapidly since its launch. The company started with one veterinarian and has since recruited additional veterinarians to meet demand. Its mobile services have now grown to a full-service clinic. While you can get in-clinic services at any of their locations, they will pick up your pet for convenient in-home care. Additionally, ReadiVet staff veterinarians are available to answer any questions you have regarding your pet.

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ReadiVet provides services at the workplace

A veterinary company that makes pet care easier and more convenient is a welcome new addition to the office. ReadiVet Dallas offers veterinary care in the comfort of a working environment, eliminating the need for a patient to travel long distances to a veterinarian’s office. In addition to providing in-home care, ReadiVet maintains a centralized hospital where they provide emergency and routine preventive care, diagnostic services, and euthanasia. The ReadiVet Dallas team serves clients in Uptown Dallas, Oak Lawn, Victory Park, and downtown Dallas.

While ReadiVet offers full-service pet care during business hours, their customers often have pet health concerns that occur after business hours. To meet this need, the startup uses an after-hours auto-reply and makes the team aware of any critical information that may affect a patient’s health. Additionally, they create boundaries for their team members to avoid unnecessary conflict of interest. This helps them avoid misunderstandings over pet health issues and improve employee and company relations.

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A veterinary startup that provides in-home care to pets has raised $2.5 million in venture funding. The company’s founder, Landon Lawson, previously served as the chief development officer at Resolute Health, a subsidiary of Vanguard Health Systems. Martin Ventures and Jemison Capital also participated in the round. ReadiVet plans to expand to more cities in the coming years, with the goal of having 25 veterinarians in the ReadiVet In Dallas Fort Worth area by the end of the two years.


One of the most appealing aspects of ReadiVet’s low-cost veterinary services is the individual attention veterinarians give to clients. While the traditional veterinary clinic environment can create a high level of anxiety for pet owners, the personal touch ReadiVet provides makes veterinary visits more enjoyable. Unlike traditional veterinary practices, ReadiVet vets provide high-quality care while keeping the costs down.

In addition to its convenient location, ReadiVet offers mobile veterinary services. In Collin County, you can visit the Collin County location, which is located just north of Downtown Dallas. The clinic is staffed with six veterinarians, and clients are encouraged to drop off or pick up their pets. The mobile service is a particularly appealing feature, especially for busy professionals who can’t always make it to a traditional vet’s office.

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ReadiVet clinics are conveniently located throughout the DFW Metroplex, allowing pet owners to avoid the time and stress associated with traveling to the veterinarian. A mobile vet service, like Mobile Vet Collin County, can pick up your pet and deliver it to an in-clinic setting. The vets at ReadiVet are skilled in treating a variety of conditions, including diabetes, obesity, and geriatric care.


The company is expanding rapidly and recently expanded to offer mobile services. The company employs multiple veterinarians, allows clients to drop off their pets, and has a fully-equipped clinic. The company also works with veterinarians to maintain their clinical autonomy while delivering exceptional care to pets. Veterinary care is expensive, and this model can help make veterinary care more affordable and convenient for pet owners.