This is the age of social media.  One of the biggest players and the most important marketing tools out there is YouTube.

If you want to leave a mark on social media then there is no better avenue to showcase your talent, or even your products.

Today we are going to review a very special company and service that is rare but quite promising.

We are of course talking about the YouTube tool SocialsPanel.  

We are also going to discuss is this service too good to be true or is this a hoax and scam?


When we came to know about this company, we were in a mini shock simply for the fact that we always wanted a company like this to exist.

Why is it so?

Because SocialsPanel promises to help the creator from the constant attacks made by the brutal YouTube algorithm.

The YouTube algorithm is so brutal that new creators be never stand a chance at content becoming popular.

And if these new creators do not spend money on promotions and sponsored videos then it is impossible.

What SocialsPanel does is that it allows any creator on YouTube to simply buy YouTube likes, comments, subscribers and viewers.

Yes, there’s no need of spending tons of money on YouTube promotion.

Simply take the shortest path and buy YouTube views and grow on YouTube.

At least this is what the company claims.


So, this leads us to find out more about this service and how we can actually utilize it as well as review this service.

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So, we went to that website and the layout was quite simple to understand in order to understand their services.

There is a simple interface where you can get the dialogue box ‘Buy YouTube Views’.

Conveniently below that is the rate at which they sell YouTube views.

There are also other caveats like No Admin Access required. This is called important and quite useful from a security standpoint.

What we like about this feature is that, unlike other YouTube growth services which asks for admin access, there is a risk that the channel can get overtaken.

But with SocialsPanel there is no such worries.

Then, after all the mentioned features, there is a simple ‘Buy Now’ option.

Clicking that will lead you to the page where you can select the number of views you want to buy.

$7 for 2000 views

$17 for 5000 views

$35 for 10k views

$70 for 20k views

$100 for 30k views

$125 for 40k views

$150 for 50k views

$165 for 60k views

$180 for 70k views

$230 for 90k views

$255 for 100k views

The rates are truly astonishing and these rates are nothing compared to the thousands of dollars that creators spend on a few thousand views.

This is like a revolution and from SocialsPanel’s popularity in the industry, we can truly say that this is the next best way to get YouTube views other than organic traffic.

These were just views but there is much more.  And due to this plethora of services we are taking this company quite seriously.

While getting views might seem simple but getting authentic likes and subscribers is a whole different game and this is perhaps one of the few companies in the world that actually delivers on the promise of meaningful and authentic likes and subscribes.

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The problem with likes and subscriptions on YouTube is that if it is done that is easily detected by the algorithm and those are not counted.


The short answer to this is that SocialsPanel truly lived up to our expectations and delivered exactly on the promise.

The long answer is that after having heard of their services, our testers went on to purchase nearly every service that they provide.

And we were surprised.

We were surprised because we have tested other websites that claim YouTube views and likes and subscribers but do not hold on to that promise.

But this time it was different.

We actually found authentic and organic growth in our YouTube channel that we boosted with these growth services.

We found that a simple funny compilation video, that we tested this service on, racked up thousands of views.

What happened next is quite awesome.

Due to the boost that we had given this test video, we found that this compelled the YouTube algorithm to push and promote this video even more.

This simply means that this service is so effective that even the YouTube algorithms could not detect that this is a buying service and the algorithm mistook all the likes and subscribers and views as authentic

However, these likes and subscribers can be classified as authentic because these are not bots.


Only someone who does not understand YouTube will not jump on the opportunity and use this.

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We would definitely recommend you to use this service because it is a lot cheaper than paying YouTube to sponsor your videos and this is quite authentic and comes at a fraction of the price of video sponsors.

This is quite revolutionary because this is targeted toward small creators who find it difficult as YouTube influencers to grow.

We must understand that YouTube is not just a hobby in 2022 but it is a profession and if you cannot make money on YouTube then it is not a viable option to do YouTube.

Many people leave their jobs and switch careers so that they can pursue a worthwhile career on YouTube and if they do not earn money then there is no point in it.

What this service does is that it allows you to buy the necessary number of views and simply start monetization on your channel.

No need to wait for months for attaining the right number of views.

Even a small YouTube channel can now become self-sufficient and this is an extremely appreciative thing.


Our overall impressions of this kind of service is quite positive.  We are always supportive of new content creators.

This is the kind of service that is exactly geared towards the small people who simply do not stand the chance against the media giants.

This will finally enable small creators to make a reasonable impact in the industry in an unbelievably short amount of time.


Absolutely not.  The company is not trying to trick you and they delivered exactly what they promised and this is after that we had tested their buy youtube views services.

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