7 Common Myths About HIV/AIDS Debunked


Some diseases are no deficiency syndromes are basically life-threatening illnesses than a nightmare and we want to avoid them at any cost. AIDS is one such medical condition. Generally known as acquired immune deficiency syndrome, occurs after your body is attacked by HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) that weakens your immune system. 

However, this is not as simple as it sounds. The condition is quite complicated and unfortunately greatly misunderstood. Even you will be surprised to know AIDS screening is not very common in many nations. The AIDS test in Pakistan is not a very common test despite the fact that the population exhibits a higher number of cases of AIDS.

No matter whatever you call it, it is quite important to understand and talk about such conditions. We know there are many common misconceptions about the conditions. So, let’s talk about some of the little-known facts about AIDS.

Some Common Myths About AIDS

Before we begin with the myths let me tell me what made me write this.

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Recently one of my uncles was detected with AIDS and unless he went to some of the top doctors in Pakistan he felt really awkward about his condition and denied getting any treatment. If he didn’t meet doctors on time this might have cost him his life. No matter what, it is high time that we talk about these things. 

Let’s talk about some of the common myths about AIDS and HIV.

1- I will get it if someone around me has it

There is no truth in this. Because, unlike the flu or cough, you are not going to catch the virus just because someone around jas it. You will not get it by sharing utensils, using the same spaces, or using the same toilet. Shaking hands or even thorough the oral contacts. 

The virus often transmits through the body fluid such as blood, breast milk, semen and vaginal discharges.

2- You will get it through the mosquito bite

Just because we say that blood is one of the sources of transmission of the HIV virus, many people think that a mosquito bite can transmit the virus. But this is not the case actually.

The reason is pretty clear. The mosquito that is biting you know will not inject the previous humans into your body. Further, even if the virus gets into mosquito bites it barely lives there. So, currently, there is much evidence telling us that mosquitoes can result in the spread of AIDS.

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3- This is a homosexual disease

Though it is quite true that initially most of the AIDS cases were reported in homosexual men. However, this is not the sole reason for the transmission of the virus. The spread can even occur between heterosexual partners. 

4- I will know if I have AIDS

This is another common myth about AIDS. Many people believe that they will always get to know whether they are having the disease or not. But the fact is that the HIV virus can live in your body for several years without showing even a single sign of its existence. So, you are not knowing it at any cost if you are suffering from AIDS or not.

5- HIV drugs finish my chances of transmitting the virus further

Well, there is no truth in this. Many people who stick to their treatment plan for AIDS tend to see a reduction in viral load. Sometimes, the viral load decreases to an extent that it becomes undetectable on the test. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you are safe from being a virus carrier. If not completely treated and you will stop your medication, your viral load will be increased again and you will be an active carrier of the virus. So, be mindful to stick to your treatment plan.

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6- AIDS will make me sterile

There is no truth in this. This is because AIDS has nothing to do with your reproductive potential. People with AIDS can still have kids. Your physician can ask you to take a break while you are on your treatment to minimize the risk of transmission of the virus to your partner. Even pregnant women can be HIV positive and they are given proper plans to prevent the transmission of the virus to their babies.

7- HIV virus will always cause AIDS

As already discussed, we know that HIV is the causative agent behind AIDS. But the presence of HIV in your body doesn’t mean that you will suffer from AIDS. Yes, you heard me right. AIDS is an immune syndrome that occurs after HIV attacks your immune system and there are infections in your body. But with the early detection of HIV in your body, we know that you can prevent the onset of AIDS.

Bottom Line!

AIDS can be a very serious condition. However, if caught right on time, the condition can be managed and treated very effectively.