Which are the Benefits of Brushed Gunmetal Sink?

Which are the Benefits of Brushed Gunmetal Sink

Sinks are essential things in a Kitchen. A kitchen must be hygienic and beautiful to look at. Today, we will introduce you to an Australian Kitchen and Washroom supplies brand — My homeware. You are provided with plenty of varieties. No style matches one another. A brushed Gunmetal sink is the latest sink style, and you get a metal sink with a fine texture. This brushed gunmetal sink gives your kitchen a modern look, and the sink’s shine will attract everyone. Let’s discuss the benefits and other aspects of the brushed gunmetal sink.

Brushed Gunmetal Sinks:

If you buy a brushed gunmetal sink from My homeware, you will find that these sinks have a very fine-grain finish. These sinks give your kitchen the modern look you see in the movies. These luxurious sinks are shiny and are made using a gunmetal sheet passed over an abrasive sand belt. This composition gives these sinks a fresh texture with a fine smooth grain. 

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One good thing about these brushed sinks is that they also come in various color themes. The sinks are PVC-colored. My homeware offers the following colors.

  • Gold
  • Gunmetal Black
  • Light Pink
  • Rose Gold
  • Rainbow
  • Violet
  • Dark gray
  • Sapphire

Types of brushed sinks:

These sinks vary in terms of brushing. The brushing is of two types. These are:

  • Satin 
  • Hairline 

Satin Brushing:

These types of sinks have a shiny appearance, and their finishing looks so good and satisfying. The satin sinks appear to be bright, annealed metal or stainless steel. You will love its bruised texture, and this material suits this appearance best. People with small kitchens usually use these sinks because the scaly texture gives a more extended look to their kitchen. 

The sink styles come in a mirror-like texture, too, that is ultra-shiny. Because it is sleek and slender in appearance, it is widely used. The steel or metal used to make these sinks is also used to construct countertops and other appliances.

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Moreover, these sinks are water resistant and don’t catch any rust. Water is the most widely used thing they come in contact with, so they have an extra water-resistant layer that keeps the sink safe from getting rust. 

Cross-hairline or Hairline sinks: 

Another beautiful texture of my homeware kitchen supplies is the hairline textured sinks. These sinks have a hairline scaly texture or the cross-hairline texture, giving the sinks a scaly texture and beauty. Although the texture is scaly, it still doesn’t appear as a rough surface. The surface is smooth to the touch. 

  • The hairline texture is straight and gives the kitchen a more extended look.
  • The cross-hairline texture has a crosshatch texture, but it gives your kitchen a smaller area look. 
  • It is also corrosion-resistant. It comes in different sizes and thicknesses. 

Final words:

My homeware is a famous brand for kitchen and bathroom supplies. In this article, we have introduced you to a specific kitchen sink genre, i.e., brushed gunmetal sink. Hope you will love this sink. But the choice is always yours.

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