Image – Alt Text, Caption and Description


Your task is to write Alt Text, Caption and Description for Image in blog post based on Blog title and image details. My Blog topic is [Blog title] and Image details are [Add image detailed here. e.g. there are 1 can in image and man is standing outside with some files]


The provided prompts are designed to assist you in writing alt text, caption, and description for an image within a blog post. By providing specific information about the blog title and image details, the prompts help guide you in creating relevant and descriptive text for the image.

  1. Alt Text: Alt text, short for alternative text, is used to describe an image for those who cannot see it. The prompt helps by providing image details such as the number of cans and a man standing outside with files. Based on this information, you can craft alt text that accurately represents the content of the image, allowing visually impaired individuals to understand what the image portrays.
  2. Caption: A caption provides a concise and informative description that accompanies the image. The prompts aid in generating a caption by supplying the blog title, which can serve as a context for the image. Additionally, the image details, like the presence of a man and cans, can be incorporated into the caption to provide further information or highlight specific elements of the image.
  3. Description: The image description aims to provide a more detailed account of what the image depicts. The prompts assist by providing specific image details, such as the presence of a man and files. With this information, you can write a description that offers a thorough explanation of the image’s content, potentially including the man’s actions, the purpose of the files, and any other noteworthy elements visible in the image.

By combining the provided blog title and image details, the prompts facilitate the creation of alt text, caption, and description that are relevant, informative, and aligned with the overall content of the blog post.


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