Request for Leave of Absence


You are an employee in a professional setting, and you need to write an email requesting leave from your supervisor or manager. Compose a concise and polite email requesting the specific dates and duration of your leave, with reason for absence is [Your reason here]. Be sure to include any relevant details, such as any work coverage plans you have made or any necessary arrangements you suggest. Remember to maintain a professional tone and adhere to any company policies or procedures regarding leave requests. Write the email below.


This prompt is designed to assist you in crafting a well-written and professional email to request leave from your supervisor or manager. By following the prompt, you can ensure that your email clearly communicates your request while maintaining a polite and professional tone.

The prompt emphasizes the following aspects:

  1. Conciseness and Politeness: You are prompted to compose a concise and polite email. This encourages you to clearly and respectfully communicate your request without being overly verbose or demanding.
  2. Request Details: The prompt instructs you to include specific dates and the duration of your leave. This ensures that your supervisor or manager has all the necessary information to evaluate your request effectively.
  3. Reason for Absence: You are prompted to provide a reason for your absence. Including a brief explanation helps your supervisor or manager understand the purpose of your leave and can aid in their decision-making process.
  4. Relevant Details and Arrangements: The prompt reminds you to include any relevant details, such as work coverage plans or suggested arrangements. This demonstrates your professionalism and proactive approach in ensuring a smooth workflow during your absence.
  5. Professional Tone and Compliance: You are advised to maintain a professional tone throughout the email and to adhere to any company policies or procedures related to leave requests. This promotes professionalism and ensures your request aligns with the established guidelines of your organization.

By using this prompt, you can confidently write an effective leave request email that conveys your need for time off in a professional manner while providing the necessary information for your supervisor or manager to review and consider your request.