Address Verification – More Profit, Less Fear of Returning Packages

The e-commerce industry is currently flourishing. According to a report, the revenue of online businesses reached $4.9 trillion worldwide in 2020. It is also expected to rise by $7.4 trillion in 2024. Businesses are concerned, excited, and surprised by the e-commerce industry’s of plus packaging enormous growth and its seemingly limitless potential. The most significant feature of an online business is its customers’ addresses. An incorrectly typed address can lead to a complete loss of time and resources. On the other hand, verifying addresses could help the online store improve customer satisfaction by lowering missed deliveries and fee adjustments. Therefore, an address verification solution is crucial to the success of an online business. Shufti Pro Funding is one of many service providers that are raising funds to create the systems for verification of address.

Online Address Verification Significance in E-commerce Industry

The process of checking an address online is the most crucial aspect of the e-commerce and shipping industries. Postal locations must be quickly regulated because they are crucial components of these businesses. A method for verifying an address serves two purposes. The first one is to ensure that the data provided online is accurate and precisely corresponds to a physical location. The identity database should then be updated with all the necessary information. This process ensures that the packages are delivered to the correct address, removing any potential errors created by duplication of locations or other issues.

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Address Verification and Hurdles of E-commerce Business

The online store has experienced delivery issues ever since it started. The following are the challenges that the e-commerce industry has to face and how address verification can resolve them: 

  1. Payment for Address Correction

This fee is intended to cover the shipping costs for delivery companies such as UPS, TCS, DHL, and others.  Additional payment for address correction applies when the delivery address is wrong or incomplete. Such errors can be avoided with the help of online address verification, which can also save companies from having to pay a correction fee. 

  1. High Shipping Fee

Most businesses are afraid of returning boxes containing delivered products. To cover the loss, they increased the shipping cost. Therefore, they won’t be liable for the delivery fee if the address is incorrect. Clients frequently avoid purchasing from e-commerce sites with high delivery fees. Address verification could help companies lessen their concern about shipments being returned. There is no need to increase the shipping cost if the package is sent to the correct destination in the first place.

  1. Free Shipping Demand
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It is among the issues that have a direct impact on client expectations. In 75% of situations, customers want free delivery. This demand increases the company’s pressure to offer free delivery and enhance customer service. Address verification can improve shipping procedures, reduce returns, and save money. Companies would use the profits they make on expenses to give free delivery.

Advantages of Address Verification

The e-commerce industry has been fundamentally revolutionized by address verification. Below are some of the benefits of this amazing service:

Client Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is essential to the development of any firm. When a customer orders an item, the address verification system immediately retrieves it. It saves the customer time and lowers the chances of shopping cart abandonment. As a consequence, if the customer is not expected to do anything else but purchase the items, their trust will develop. They will become loyal consumers on the basis of their better experience.

Effective Time Management

Set aside all of the expenses and benefits. Consider how much time can be secured if the product is delivered to the correct spot. Significant resources could be saved by making good use of this time. It can aid in increasing sales and focusing on the firm rather than worrying about losing money.

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Improved Marketing

If the item comes on time as a result of proper address verification, the customer will promote it to everyone else in their circle. As a result, the firm will get a free marketing strategy. As more customers get better service from an online company, this promotional cycle will expand.


The e-commerce industry has already transformed business methods. Conducting business in this sector is very simple because of the lack of significant infrastructure. Like every other business, this one has its own limitations. Orders that are undeliverable or late have a negative impact on the e-commerce company, resulting in consumer frustration, no customer loyalty, and lower revenues. Address verification examines and corrects addresses to verify that the product is delivered at the exact time and place. As per Shufti Pro News, installing a reliable address verification system is making the e-commerce sector easier and more profitable. Digitally verified locations can save time and enhance the customer experience