Romantic Things to do in Bali

In addition to being the ideal location for a romantic vacation or honeymoon, Bali is unquestionably a paradise for lovers. There is so much more to discover than just the water and sand in this idyllic location, which features infinite beaches, a scorching climate, a paradise-like atmosphere, and the best Indonesian eateries. Bali ensures an amazing vacation for couples from all walks of life with its many activities on offer, all of which are created to heighten the romance of the island.

Make each other some bespoke jewellery

Whether you and your partner are on your honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary, or just on a peaceful vacation, attending a jewellery-making class together will boost the romance considerably and help you develop your creative abilities. There aren’t many better places to achieve this than in Bali, the hub of gifted Indonesian jewellers and craftspeople.

Bali is a mecca for jewellery lovers with a big population of master silversmiths and goldsmiths, and many of them are ready to offer their talents for an afternoon. To make the most romantic gift for your significant other, enrol in a silver workshop in Ubud and leave with a custom ring or necklace. While on your Bali packages for couple, you may have already shared some sentimental jewellery, but creating a keepsake to commemorate the most incredible trip of your lives is an especially memorable experience.

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Make a wish at the legendary Great Banyan Tree

One of Bali’s most well-known natural attractions may be seen in Gesing: a 700-year-old Banyan tree. The tree’s massive trunk and the enormous branches that not only grow upward but also fall back down into the ground are thought by many locals to contain magic and spirits. People flock there from all around the world and the island.

It’s an impressive and peaceful sight to witness, standing at about 25 metres tall, but don’t forget to make a wish and take a few pictures as well. What will you and your significant other hope for? According to the locals, the tree may grant any wish that is made in front of it. Although wishing for everlasting love may seem like a sufficiently romantic request, strive to make sure your desires are in harmony.

Take advantage of the secluded Gunung Payung Beach

There is no disputing that Bali is a beach lover’s paradise, yet feeling crowded and confined on a busy beach can ruin a laid-back day on the soft sands. This feels even more intrusive on a romantic getaway, however there is a great beach that provides seclusion and privacy for sun worshippers in love.

It’s unlikely that you’ll run into anyone else when you’re at Gunung Payung Beach due to its remote location.  The expansive panoramic vistas give the impression that the beach goes on forever. If you like snorkelling, you’ll be in heaven. After noon is the greatest time to go because the water is calmer and warmer, perfect for observing the reefs below, and it is more likely that you’ll have the beach to yourselves for some private sunbathing.

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Dinner at CasCades in Ubud

This outstanding restaurant, which is a part of a seven-star resort and is owned and run by Australians, welcomes visitors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. CasCades, which is within a five-minute drive from the Central Ubud Market area, has received numerous honours from eminent judges in the tourist industry. The Valley of the Kings is an amazing tropical vista that is seen from the restaurant, which is positioned high on a rock. Since the managing family is of European ancestry, the menu offers both European and Asian cuisine. This is a lovely fine dining experience you must try, with an extensive wine menu and dishes to die for during your Bali packages!

Secret Beach Walk to La Laguna

This lovely romantic stroll along the beach will not be well known to many visitors to Seminyak and Batu Belig. You may find La Laguna Beach Club by turning right after leaving the Batu Belig Beach parking lot, walking approximately 300 metres north along the sand, and then crossing a green timber bridge across an inlet. A quirky newcomer on the scene, this place features a colourful menu, excellent cocktails, and a Spanish-themed tropical environment which you should explore during your Bali packages for couple

La Plancha for sunset

A trip to Seminyak wouldn’t be complete without stopping by the trendy beachside café La Plancha. This beach café is where the now-famous Seminyak Beach strip’s colourful beanbag and traditional parasol scene was first introduced. The name La Plancha, which translates to simple, fresh, and unpretentious, is derived from traditional Spanish cooking and refers to this laid-back location where you can enjoy a romantic Balinese sunset with your significant other. It is located on the beach between Dhyanapura Street and the 66 Hotel.

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Dinner at The Plantation Grill

The Plantation Grill is the place to go if you’re looking for a little flash and glamour in a fine dining establishment. A luxurious experience with hints of Humphrey Bogart and Grace Kelly, you could feel as though you’re in a scene from Casablanca where marble accents, high ceilings, and enormous glass windows offer breathtaking ocean vistas. The restaurant’s specialties include fine meats from all over the world and organic seafood prepared on grills and in wood-fired ovens. Couples can enjoy some exquisite drinks in an intimate setting at the Sling Bar at the top of the spiral staircase.

Menjangan Island Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a “must do” at Menjangan Island if you’re seeking for an outdoor sport with a dash of romance. The island is a part of the Menjangan National Marine Park and is only a 10-minute boat ride away from the mainland. The coral reefs here are among the greatest in Indonesia, and the clear, blue waters offer excellent visibility. The fact that this dive site is ranked third on Discovery Channel’s list of The World’s 10 Best Spots for Snorkeling is not surprising. Expect to witness some incredible tropical fish species, including, to mention a few, Marlin, Nemo, Starfish, Dory, and Yellow Tang.

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